Office of Communication and Community Engagement

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Our Leadership

Michael Abrahams - Director for CCE - CPR 478 / 813-974-6469

Our Events Team and Services

The events team provides one-stop resource for event planning and coordination for on-and-off-campus events. Services include but are not limited to: All aspects of the event planning cycle, including determining goals and objectives, selecting dates and locations, catering, budgeting and event promotion.

Please use our event request form for requests.

Cindy Stonehouse - Event Manager - CPR 478 / 813-974-5710


Our Communications and Technology Team and Services

The communications and technology team provides assistance in communication strategies, marketing and technology needs, and serves as a bridge to USF Information Technology. Services included but are not limited to: Social media best practices, CMS best practices, CMS best practices, and create or providing marketing materials for various platforms.

Please use our marketing request form for requests.
Please send an email to for 

Michelle Holden - Marketing Officer - CPR 478 / 813-974-7571
Alessandra Casanova - Senior Designer & Multimedia Producer - CPR478
Abril Cabrera - Jr Graphic Designer - CPR478
Jen Schaefer - Web Content Administrator - CPR478