Dean's Office

Letter from the College Dean

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at USF! It is my privilege to lead the College that is the intellectual heart of the University of South Florida. I am so proud of my outstanding team of teachers, scholars, staff, and administrators whose sole professional purpose is to enhance the lives of our students and our communities. Please explore all of the wonderful features of this site, join us at one of our many featured lectures and events, and contact us directly if there are other ways in which we can serve you.

Majoring in one of the many fields within the liberal arts and sciences makes sense both intellectually and professionally. On the intellectual side, our majors will provide you with ample opportunity to engage with the big questions that have faced humanity from the very beginning—Where do we come from? How do the world and the universe work? What makes for a good person, or a good society? In each case, you will find talented professors eager to expose you to the history of knowledge surrounding these questions in ways that will make you a more critically informed person and citizen. On the professional side, countless surveys of employers have shown that they both value and are eager to hire liberal arts and sciences majors both for their proven ability to think critically and creatively and to effectively communicate and work well with others.

So take the plunge. Explore a major within the College of Arts and Sciences with the firm knowledge that it will help you to both find a successful professional career and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling personal and social life.

Eric M. Eisenberg, Ph.D.

College Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Professor of Communication