2022 Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology (SCMB) Workshop on Discrete and Topological Models in Molecular Biology (DTMB) will take place at University of South Florida, Tampa, USA on May 9th-13th, 2022.  The workshop is scheduled to be completely in person.

The workshop will be held in parallel with the 26th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory (May 9-13).


April 7, 2022: The conference is planned as an in-person event completely. The covid numbers in Florida are very low currently (lowest since the start of the pandemic). The venues we have chosen have good ventilation systems and are large enough to accommodate participants to spread around if they so wish, and keep the physical distance. The lunch is planned as a picnic style.  

October 27, 2021:  At this point we plan to have the conference at the scheduled dates. However, we are closely monitoring the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 and will post updates if it changes in a way impacting the conference.

Please email us at dlt2022@usf.edu with any questions.


  • Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology 
  • Simons Foundation
  • National Science Foundation
  • National Security Agency
  • University of South Florida


Contact email address: dlt2022@usf.edu

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