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Seminars: Fall 2018

Departmental Seminars are held on Thursdays, from 9:30 to 10:45 AM in CHE 100.
For more information, contact: Theresa Evans-Nguyen

Organic Chemistry Colloquiums are held on Tuesdays, from 1:30 to 2:30 PM in CHE 301.
For more information, contact: Kirpal Bisht

A concise history of the current and former lecture series at USF is available here.

Additionally, a history of the Martin Lectureship series is available here.

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For readability, all of the seminars are listed below:

Departmental Seminar
Prof. Karin Musier-Forsyth
Ohio State University

2018-08-30 Guida, Wayne
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Eric V. Anslyn
University of Texas at Austin

2018-09-06 Cai, Jianfeng
Departmental Seminar
Dr. Wai Sheung Ma
Catalent Biologicals

Oral Lipid-based Drug Delivery System (LBDDS) and Pharmaceutical Development

2018-09-13 Baker, Bill

Departmental Seminar
Prof. Dennis W. Smith, Jr.
Mississippi State University

2018-09-20 Harmon, Julianne
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Qian Wang
University of South Carolina

2018-09-27 Shi, Xiaodong
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Sonia Underwood
Florida International University

2018-10-04 Lewis, Scott
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Graham Cooks
Purdue University

2018-10-11 Evans-Nguyen, Theresa
Departmental Seminar
Dr. Di-Jia Liu
Argonne National Laboratory

2018-10-18 Ma, Shengqian
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Sarah E. Reisman

2018-10-25 Guida, Wayne
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Bing Xu
Brandeis University

2018-11-01 Cai, Jianfeng
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Alison Flynn
University of Ottawa

2018-11-08 Lewis, Jennifer
Departmental Seminar
Dr. Julia M. Pearson
Hillsborough Medical Examiner

2018-11-15 Select
Departmental Seminar
Prof. Amar H. Flood
Indiana University

2018-11-29 Li, Xiaopeng