Hold Information

common registration holds, what they mean, and how to resolve them

Advising Holds

AA= Academic Advising Hold This hold is placed on first-time in college students only. Students must complete an online Canvas tutorial the fall and spring semester of their first year in order to register for the following semester. This is to ensure that first-year students remain on track with their major requirements. Students declared as a Chemistry Department major must complete Canvas tutorial modules in order to have their hold released. Students needing assistance with tutorial requirements may schedule an appointment or utilize walk-in advising, 
AP= Academic Probation Hold Students with a USF GPA below 2.0 are placed on Academic Probation and are required to meet with their major advisor each semester that they are on Academic Probation to discuss their schedule prior to registering. An advisor can only remove an AP hold after meeting with a student face to face. No exceptions. Keep in mind, every semester you are on probation, this hold will be on your account and you will need to plan ahead in order to make time to meet with the appropriate advisor. Also, it is at the advisor's discretion whether or not you are able to continue in your current major.
AF= Former Student Returing Hold Students who have attended the University of South Florida previously and wish to return, will need to meet with an advisor in the major that they wish to pursue in order to plan their courses for the next semester and have the hold released.

Please Keep In Mind That These Cannot Be Removed By An Advisor

Other University Holds

AR = Admissions Hold. This refers to missing academic credentials, typically a transcript from a previous college or university that USF has not received. OASIS should tell you from which institution a transcript is missing. For more information, or if you believe this hold is in error, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in SVC 1036.

CC = Cash Collections Hold. Money is owed to USF (anything from parking & library fines to tuition). If you do not pay your balance by a set date, you will be dropped from your classes. Check your account summary by term on OASIS then pay to release hold.

IM/MH = Immunization Hold. You have not yet turned in your immunization forms to Student Health Services. If you do not turn in these forms, you will be dropped from your classes. SHS 100, 813.974.2331.

MJ = Major Declaration Hold. You have not declared your major yet. To remove the hold and declare your major complete the online form. Before you submit, you must check the box that indicates you have a registration hold, so that the College will know to remove it. Print a copy of your major declaration confirmation page, and keep it for your records. Please also allow 2-3 days processing time for your major to be changed in Degreeworks.

OB = Remediation Hold. There is required remediation, usually in math. Please see the TRAC Advising Office for assistance. SVC 2043, 813.974.2645.

OS = Special Services Hold. For instructions, please contact the Student Support Services. SVC 2011, 813.974.4301.

PF = Parking Services Hold. Contact Parking Services for instructions. PSB 101, 813.974.6890.

SD and SF = Student Discipline Holds. Please see the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for more information. ALN 109, 813.974.9443.

SI = Student Health Insurance Hold. For more information please see Student Health Services, 813.974.5407.

ST = Start Registration/Registration Appointment Time Hold. Next to this hold should be a date and time when you can begin registration. When you registration appointment time is reached, your ST hold will be removed and you can begin registration. For incoming transfer students, the ST hold will be the same as your registered orientation date. If you are an incoming transfer (or returning USF) student and do not have a date/time listed with your ST hold, please contact the USF Orientation Offices. SVC 2049, 813.974.3060.

You can find additional information regarding university holds through the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Email questions regarding advising holds and procedures.