The Department of Chemistry strictly enforces pre-requisites for ALL chemistry courses. If you have met the pre-requisites for a chemistry course but receive an error message when registering, you may need a permit in order to register for the course.

You must meet each pre-requisite for a class to receive a permit. If you are taking a pre-requisite course elsewhere, you must provide documentation of your FINAL grade in this course before a permit will be granted. For example, if you are taking CHM2210 at HCC in the summer, you must provide proof of your FINAL GRADE in that course before being given a permit for CHM 2211 for fall. **DO NOT depend on the official transcripts submitted to admissions, since they may not be processed fast enough to enable your immediate registration.**

Click on the following link to request a chemistry course permit. If necessary, please have your scanned documentation ready before submitting the form. If your DegreeWorks audit does not reflect pre-requisite coursework, you must provide proof of your pre-requisites by also attaching a PDF or screenshot of your unofficial transcript or official grade report to the permit request.

Detailed information regarding all pre-requisites for the Chemistry Department can be located by clicking this link: Chemistry Pre-Requisite List.

All documentation must be attached to the online request form or the permit will be denied:

Submit Permit Request

Withdraw Lecture Keep Lab Permit

*Due to the high volume of permit requests and emails, we ask that you allow 48-72 hours of processing time. Once your permit has been issued, you will receive an email indicating that you are now able to register for the course.*

Time Conflict Forms

There is a Time Conflict form that you can fill out on the College of Arts and Sciences Forms website. Upon submitting your request the College of Arts and Sciences will review the request to ensure it meets college standards. If the request meets the necessary requirements, the College of Arts and Sciences will contact both of the instructors to seek their permission for the time conflict. Once a final decision has been made, you will be contacted and issued the necessary permits (if your request is approved). Please see the FAQ page for additional information on Time Conflict overrides.

Please be advised that under no circumstances will time conflict forms be approved for Summer Organic Chemistry I (CHM 2210) and Organic Chemistry II (CHM 2211) courses.

Additional Permit Request Pages