ChemAdvising Calendar

Virtual Drop-In Advising

During times of peak advising demand, Chemistry Advising meets with students on a drop-in basis. We are currently conducting all drop-in advising virtually. Student may meet virtually with a Chemistry Department advisor for same-day 15-minute sessions. Students must check this page for all drop-in updates including the drop-in calendar. 

Drop-ins are for next semester course planning only. We have updated our drop-in procedures. Please read below for details.

Students must sign up for drop-ins in Archivum. In order to sign-up for a Drop-In, please log-in to the USF Archivum system and select "Get in line for a Drop-In Appointment" on the Appointment Scheduling page.

After signing up, please be prepared to receive a call from our office based on your chosen communication method (phone or Microsoft Teams).

Please note, when we pull you from the list in preparation to contact you, your name will no longer show on the drop-in list.

Sign-up for drop-ins 15 minutes prior to the start of Drop-Ins.

Drop-ins are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The list will be closed once the drop-in list is at capacity. 

Students may only attend drop-ins once per day.

These dates will be announced at the beginning of each month through our ChemAdvising Calendar.

Please note, drop-in advising does not occur every day. Please be sure to review the ChemAdvising Calendar below.  

Chemistry Drop-In Calendar