Make an Appointment


In planning for you program of study, and for questions not answered on our website, we encourage you to seek the help of our departmental academic staff.

  • Appointments can be made through
  • Please include in your email a brief description of the meeting with different times you are available. This explanation helps us schedule the best time as well as prepare for your meeting. 


  • Due to confidentiality and security, it is important that you check-in at the front desk– the day of your appointment.
  • If you walk-in without an appointment, please make sure to check-in at the front desk to see if we are available – you may not be able to meet with us.
  • Due to meetings, projects, trainings, and our daily work, it is difficult to be able to meet with students without an appointment.

Below, is a calendar we have created that will show the different meetings, deadlines, and events happening this month. Please make sure to review it carefully.