Ambar Basu

Ambar Basu
Department Chair & Professor

contact information

Email: abasu@usf.edu
Office: CIS 3032
Phone: (813) 974-6828


Dr. Basu joined the department in August 2008. His research explores how individuals and communities living at the margins of society communicate about health, illness, and wellbeing. With particular emphasis on theorizing culture as a site of social change, his scholarship documents and analyzes narratives about health that emerge from dialogue between his self (as the researcher), and research participants. Dr. Basu’s interest is to locate health inequities in the context of cultural, political, economic, geopolitical, and development agendas in marginalized spaces.

Dr. Basu’s scholarship embraces a mix of methods such as critical ethnography and autoethnography, and highlights the implications of knowledge production in collaboration with marginalized communities. Self-reflexivity is an integral lens/method that shapes his work.

Dr. Basu has served as Senior Editor for Health Communication, and co-edits a Routledge book series titled Critical Cultural Studies in Global Health Communication. His recent scholarship has been published in Sage Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health, Health Communication, and Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies


Health Communication, Culture, Postcolonial & Subaltern Studies