Graduate Students

Jonathan Baker



Office: CIS 3015


Jonathan T. Baker (M.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is a doctoral student at the University of South Florida studying health and interpersonal communication.

Jonathan’s research investigates how individuals from marginalized communities communicate in order to access healthcare resources, and how communication during healthcare interactions (i.e., patient-clinician communication) influences patient experiences and health outcomes. His research is currently focused on transgender and gender nonconforming populations and best practices for accessing gender-affirming care (e.g., hormone replacement therapy). His work can be found in academic journals such as Qualitative Health Research, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and International Journal of Communication.

Jonathan’s work has received two top four paper awards from the National Communication Association, as well as the Arthur P. Bochner Award for Outstanding Achievement in Doctoral Studies from the Department of Communication at USF. 


Health communication, Interpersonal Communication, Intergroup Communication, Queer Identities, and Mixed Methods.


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