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Parameswari Mukherjee



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Office: CIS 3070


Parameswari Mukherjee (MA, University of Cincinnati) is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication, University of South Florida, studying health and organizational communication.

Parameswari’s dissertation focuses on documenting how community members in low-income rural areas that are affected by groundwater contamination participate in health interventions (such as kitchen gardens, public health message delivery, and drinking water projects). Her dissertation also examines how stakeholders, such as NGOs, international funding agencies, and public health experts, organize access to safe water for these water-insecure communities.

Parameswari draws on justice-oriented theoretical ideas such as necrocapitalism and the culture-centered approach to center voices of community members affected by water-insecurity. Her recent work can be found in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, and Health Communication.

Parameswari recently completed a seven-weeks-field project with research participants residing in two rural communities in India that are affected by arsenic- and fluoride-groundwater contamination. She used ethnographic research methods, including in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, participant observation, photo-solicitation, field notes and reflexive journaling to collect data. Parameswari is currently transcribing the recorded interviews and focus group sessions she conducted with 53 research participants. She expects to graduate in May 2023.

Parameswari has served as Instructor of Record for the following undergraduate courses:

·         Public Speaking

·         Interpersonal Communication

·         Health Communication

She has also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Mahuya Pal and Dr. Laurel Friedman for the following undergraduate courses:

·         Organizational Communication

·         Introduction to Communication

Parameswari has experience teaching in online and face-to-face formats.

Research Areas 

Health Communication; Organizational Communication, Community Participation, Qualitative Research Methods


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