Graduate Students

Spencer Margulies



Office: CIS 3067


Spencer Margulies is pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication at the University of South Florida. His research is situated at the intersection of Critical Intercultural Studies, Latina/o/x Studies, and LGBTQIQAP+ studies. In an age of increased gender inequality, systemic racism, institutional racism, anti-immigration rhetoric, and violence against transgender individuals, specifically Black trans individuals and trans people of color, it is vital to analyze the injustices that continue to occur domestically and internationally. As such, in his work, Spencer aims to build on Julia R. Johnson’s (2013) call to “trans” intercultural communication research by applying both transnational and transgender theories. In doing so, he continues to question how a transing framework can facilitate the exploration of ways in which domestic and international cultures, powers, and ideologies intersect to shape identity in media, specifically LGBTQIQAP+ and Latina/o/x identities, and how that affects organizational dynamics.


Critical Intercultural Studies, Critical Cultural Studies, Queer Studies, Latino/a/x Studies, Performance, Autoethnography


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