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DHSI Panels


Image shows thumbnail of video for Bianca Hernandez's DHSI panel

Bianca Hernandez

Image shows thumbnail of Lynette Kuliyeva's DHSI panel

Lynette Kuliyeva

Image shows thumbnail of Ashley Reese's DHSI panel

Ashley Reese

Image shows thumbnail of Meg Stowe's DHSI panel

Meg Stowe

Past Events

Digital Humanities events sponsored by the DeBartolo Chair and the English department have included panels by English department attendees of the DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute, Victoria, Canada), as well as visiting lectures and workshops by DH scholars such as Micki Kaufman, Kari Kraus, Gregory Heyworth, Laura Mandell, Geoffrey Rockwell, and Jacqueline Wernimont.

Image shows flyer for 2018 DHSI Panel event


Flyer shows portrait of speaker Jacqueline Wernimont smiling in front of a grey brick wall, along with event information about her September 18, 2018 talk "Numbered Lives: Life and Death in Quantum Media"


Flyer shows image of speaker Geoffrey Rockwell holding a computer and standing in front a window showing a cloudless blue sky outside. The flyer contains event information for his February 27 2018 talk on "Cooking Up Literature: Theorizing Statistical Approaches to Texts"



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Flyer shows image of speaker Kari Kraus smiling into the camera. The flyer contains event information about her October 20, 2017 talk on "Pervasive Play: Make Believe as Method"


Image shows flyer for 2017 DHSI workshop event


Flyer shows image of Gregory Heyworth gesturing with both hands as he lectures. The flyer contains information on his April 14, 2017 talk about "Making Light Work of Old Books"


Image shows flyer with the top third being an image of Laura Mandell lecturing in front of a wall of interactive television screens, and she is pointing at something on one of the screens. The bottom two thirds shows information about her past event on "'Big Data' and New Knowledge Through Visualization" on March 1, 2017.


Image shows a graph that looks like a wavy rainbow going horizontally across the middle of the flyer. In black text, it gives meeting information about Kaufman's October 11, 2016 workshop called "Introduction to Data Visualization."


Flyer for Micki Kaufman's October 12, 2016 lecture on her work "'Everything on Paper Will Be Used Against Me': Quantifying Kissinger" with the background image being a black bacround with blue and yellow dots connected with blue and yellow lines with a few pink dots here and there, along with the words "negotiations, assessment, Richard Nixon," and more.