Academic Component Requirements

  • Enrollment in ENC 4940 Internship Class (undergraduate) or ENG 6946 (graduate)
  • Conferences with your Internship Supervisor based upon your specific needs or your supervisor's discretion)
  • Completion of assigned weekly readings related to internships and the workplace
  • Maintenance of a professional portfolio of documents and media projects completed during your internship
  • Write a final, reflective essay (approximately 1300 words) discussing your internship and address the following points:
    • What duties/tasks you feel were successful because of your USF Department of English coursework
    • What duties/tasks you feel our technical/professional program provided inadequate preparation and background
    • The overall workplace culture of the company sponsoring your internship
    • Your contribution to the workplace culture
    • What you gained from this experience

Internship Class

While this class requires some assigned readings as well as periodic meetings with your internship faculty supervisor, your primary responsibilities will involve work-related activities at the sponsor's facilities.

  • Undergraduate students participating in the internship must enroll in the ENC 4940 Internship class.
  • Graduate students earn course credit through ENG 6946.


  • Enrollment as a degree-seeking student, either undergraduate or graduate, in the Department of English Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Programs
  • At least 12 undergraduate credit hours in upper division classes completed by the beginning of the internship semester


Enrollment is contingent upon the availability of suitable internship sponsors based upon the student's academic and career goals. Students are placed according to specific academic and experiential qualifications, including GPA, courses taken, previous employment history, recommendations, and interviews with the Coordinator of the Internship Program and a representative of the prospective internship sponsor. Students should consider pursuing the internship sometime during the final year of course studies.

Degree Requirement

The internship is available to qualified degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students with program and department approval.

The internship is a requirement for all undergraduates enrolled as majors in the Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology program.

Course Credit

The internship earns 3 semester hours of credit as ENC 4940 and normally may be counted towards your undergraduate degree. Graduate students receive credit through ENG 6946. See a Department of English advisor to discuss your particular degree requirements and anticipated course credit.

Repeat Opportunity

The undergraduate internship course may be repeated with approval of the internship coordinator and the department chair.