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Krysta Banke

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Krysta Banke


Office: TBA
Phone: N/A
Email: krystabanke@usf.edu


Krysta Banke graduated with a PhD from USF's English Rhetoric and Composition and a graduate certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching in May 2022. Dr. Banke’s accepted and finalized dissertation draws on process, post-process, and Self-Determination Theory (SDT) to identify writing supports that align with student autonomy, competence and/or relatedness. Her research focuses on writer motivation and productivity, academic coaching, pedagogy, writing assessment, and undergraduate research experiences.

Dr. Banke’s objective as an instructor is to help students to develop to their fullest potential. She seeks to build a collaborative and mirthful community of learners that values diversity, treats all with dignity and respect, and generates new insights that extend beyond our individual ones. She taps into student motivation by fostering learning experiences that further students’ professional and personal goals. Her pronouns are she/her/hers.