Faculty Biographies

Gary Lemons

Gary Lemons



Office: CPR 331
Phone: 813-974-9191
Email: glemons@usf.edu


As Professor of African American literature and biblical studies—my pedagogical approach,
research, and scholarly production are grounded in Black feminist and womanist theory,
criticism, and pedagogy rooted in intersectionality and autocritography. I received my Ph.D. in
English and an Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies from New York University in 1992.
Since then, I have been awarded three postdoctoral fellowships, two from the National
Endowment for the Humanities and the other from the Rockefeller Foundation. With these
awards, I held postgraduate residencies at Bennett College (one of two historically Black
women’s colleges in the nation), the Institute for the Study of Women and Men at the University
of Southern California, and the Womanist Consortium at the University of Georgia. 


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  • Building Womanist Coalitions: Writing and Teaching in the Spirit of Love, Ed., (University of Illinois Press), 2019.

  • Let Love Lead on a Course to Freedom, Co-authored with Scott Neumeister and Susie Hoeller, (BookLocker, Inc.), 2019.

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  • Caught Up in the Spirit! Teaching for Womanist Liberation, (Nova Science Publisher, Inc.), 2017.

  • Feminist Solidarity at the Crossroads: Intersectional Women’s Studies for Transracial Alliance, Co-editor Kim Vaz, Ph.D., (Routledge), 2012.

  • Womanist Forefathers: Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. Du Bois, (State University of New York Press), 2009.

  • Black Male Outsider, a Memoir: Teaching as a Pro-Feminist Man, (State University of New York Press), 2008.