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James McAdams

Adjunct Faculty

James McAdams


Office: CPR 286
Phone: 813-974-3835
Email: jtmcadams@usf.edu



James McAdams’ debut short story collection, Ambushing the Void, was published by Frayed Edge Press in May 2020. He is an English Instructor at the University of South Florida, Ringling College of Art and Design, and Purdue University. He received his B.A. in English from the University of Pittsburgh, his M.A. in English from Villanova University, and his Ph.D. in English Literature & Languages from Lehigh University in 2017. Throughout his ten-year professorial career (after years of ridiculous and ravey jobs: kennel boy, telemarketer, medical records digitizer, ColdFusion designer), he has taught Lit, Comp, professional/technical writing, creative writing, Internet publishing, digital media studies, digital humanities, medical humanities, and disability studies. He is currently writing a novel about sober home scams termed “The Florida Shuffle.” His work can be viewed at his website and he can be followed @jamestmcadams. Non-human animals, vegan food, chess, sabermetrics, and the end of hurricane season get him out of bed with greatest verve and resolution. "I can’t imagine a better vocation on earth than professor," he told me once....but who am I, then?