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Joe Moxley

Joe Moxley



Office: CPR 386
Phone: N/A
Email: mox@usf.edu

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Joseph M. Moxley is a professor of English at USF (Tampa).

Professor Moxley is currently working on developing Writing Commons, an encyclopedia for writers, speakers, and knowledge workers. This project reflects Moxley’s ongoing research interests in composing, creativity, open education, and the democratization of knowledge.

Moxley is the founder of My Reviewers, a software application designed to facilitate document review, revision, collaboration, and writing program assessment. Moxley secured over $3.4M in revenues and federal funding to develop that project, including awards from NSF (NSF SBIR, ICORPs, Prime).


  • Campus Technology Award, 2016
    Awarded by Campus Technology for creating My Reviewers.
  • CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence, 2011-2012
    In recognition for the First-Year Composition Program at USF.
  • Distinguished Book Award for College Writing Online, 2004
    Awarded by Computers and Composition 2004 at the Conference on Computers and Writing. Honolulu, Hawaii. June 2004.
  • USF President's Award for Faculty Excellence, 2003
  • Microsoft Scholar Award, 2000
    Received $55,000 gift and $50,000 in-kind gift from Microsoft Corporation.
  • USF Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards, 1990, 1993, 1996.
    Board of Regents Teaching Incentive Program Award. University-wide award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.


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  • The Guide for Electronic Theses and Dissertations was translated in Greek, Spanish, French
  • Publish, Don’t Perish was translated by Greenwood in Chinese: Translated in Chinese in 2014: 成功發表論文,讓您獨占鰲頭 著 ...華樂絲語文顧


Moxley has been awarded over $1.5M in funding from NSF (National Science Foundation) and FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education).


  • PhD, SUNY Buffalo, Measurement and Evaluation with a concentration in Writing Studies
  • MA, SUNY Buffalo, Creative Writing
  • BA, University of Utah, English
  • BA, University of Utah, Psychology