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Michael Shuman

Professor of Instruction

Michael Shuman


Office: CPR 358 N
Phone: 813-974-5763
Email: mshuman@usf.edu



Michael L. Shuman is Professor of Instruction in the Department of English at University of South Florida. He teaches courses in Professional & Technical Writing and coordinates the department’s PTC internship program. While primarily teaching technical communications, his research interests include film studies, especially film noir of the late 1940s and early 1950s, the psychoanalytic theory of Otto Rank, and postwar speculative fiction. Dr. Shuman’s recent publications in film studies include “Dracula’s Deuce: How Horror Films Haunt Garage and Surf Music,” an analysis of film tropes and popular music for Weird Fiction Review, and “Accidental Outlaw: Agency and Genre Ida Lupino’s The Bigamist,” a chapter in Ida Lupino, Filmmaker, edited by Phillip Sipiora. He is Deputy Editor of The Mailer Review, a publication dedicated to the work of author Norman Mailer, and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to
that annual journal. Recent work includes “When Genres Collide: ‘The Last Night’ as Science Fiction,” a study of Mailer’s 1963 film treatment anticipating global catastrophe, and an essay on the 1947 serial Jack Armstrong: All American Boy, forthcoming in an edited collection on the films of director Wallace Fox.


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  • PhD, University of South Florida, Literary Studies
  • Graduate Certificate, University of South Florida, Creative Writing
  • MA, West Virginia University, English
  • BA, Fairmont State University, English