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Notice: As many employees are temporarily working remotely, e-mail is the suggested method of contact at this time.

Sarasota-Manatee campus

Permanent Faculty

Name E-mail Office
Lipscomb, Valerie
Associate Chair, Professor  SMC C258

Rose, Jane
Associate Professor  N/A
Senapati, Su
Professor of Instruction SMC B128
Stewart, John
Associate Instructor SMC C267

Tillman, Nathan
Assistant Professor of Instruction   SMC B212
Turner, Timothy
Associate Professor SMC C245A

Visiting Faculty

Name E-mail
Melnik, Jan
Assistant Instructor 

St. Petersburg campus

Permanent Faculty

Name E-mail Office

Buckner Armstrong, Julie
Professor  DAV 255

Conner, Trey
Associate Professor  DAV 254

Gresham, S. Morgan
Associate Professor   DAV 253

Hallock, Thomas
Professor DAV 257

Jones, Heather
Associate Professor of Instruction HBR 205

Michael, Magali

McCracken, Jill
Professor DAV 250

Robinson, Geveryl
Assistant Professor of Instruction  DAV 252

Starks, Lisa
Professor DAV 256

Adjunct Faculty

Name E-mail Office
Aftanas, Roxanne Online
Angello, Elizabeth HBR 120
Boda, Jay HBR 120
Boynton, Nicholas HBR 126
Oswald, Codey HBR 120
Peterson, Anda HBR 205
Prisley, Liz HBR 120
Shea, Peter Online
Tobienne, Francis HBR 120
True, J. D. Online
Ulrich, Fred HBR 120

Tampa campus

Permanent Faculty

Name E-mail Office

Allukian, Kristin
Assistant Professor

CPR 322

Barr, Nancy
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 301-E

Brown, Karen Gonzalez
Professor of Instruction

CPR 283

Cheng, Ryan
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 286

Cook, Jessica
Associate Professor of Instruction

CPR 358-H

Diecidue, Sheila
Professor of Instruction

CPR 358-J

Discenza, Nicole

CPR 330

Fleming, John

CPR 318

Franklin, Cheyenne
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 301-C

Gould, Marty
Associate Professor

CPR 358-F

Grewal, Gurleen
Associate Professor

CPR 301-H

Herndl, Carl

CPR 335

Hewitt, Regina

CPR 325

Hirsh, Elizabeth Associate Professor

CPR 334

Irizarry, Ylce Associate Professor

CPR 329

Jacobs, Debra Associate Professor

CPR 333

Johnson, Meredith

CPR 301-J

Johnson, Nathan 
Associate Professor

CPR 384

Jones, Emily
Associate Professor

CPR 358-B

Koets, Julia
Assistant Professor CPR 332

Kurz, Lindsey
Assistant Professor of Instruction CPR 316

Le, Quynh Nhu
Associate Professor

CPR 327

Leahy, Mark
Professor of Instruction

CPR 306-A

Leib, Mark
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 281

Lemons, Gary

CPR 331

Lennon, John Associate Professor

CPR 360-D

Maldonado, José Ángel
Assistant Professor 

CPR 301-M

Melonçon, Lisa

CPR 360

Metzger, Elizabeth Associate Professor

CPR 385

Mooney, Susan Associate Professor

CPR 301-N

Moxley, Joe 

CPR 386

Patterson, Cynthia
Associate Professor

CPR 301-G

Phillips, Adam
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 294

Ricketts, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor of Instruction CPR 301-C

Robbins, Derek
Assistant Professor of Instruction CPR 288

Robertson, Liane
Associate Professor

CPR 358-M

Roselló, Jarod
Associate Professor

CPR 313

Runge, Laura

CPR 360-A

Scenters-Zapico, Natalie
Assistant Professor 

CPR 311

Sellers, Heather

CPR 303

Shuman, Michael
Professor of Instruction

CPR 358-N

Sipiora, Phillip

CPR 358-A

Tackitt, Alaina
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 301-A

Taylor, Michelle
Assistant Professor of Instruction

CPR 358-D

Wolff, Jake
Assistant Professor CPR 320
Zarlengo, Tanya
Assistant Professor of Instruction CPR 306

Visiting Faculty

Name E-mail Office

Adams, Ashely

CPR 290

Anderson-Lopez, Gina

CPR 292

Basso, Ann

BEH 102

Charles, Elizabeth

BEH 102

Eyestone, Dawn

CPR 279

Godfrey. Jeremy

BEH 102

Hansen, Paul

BEH 102

Kellagher, Christina

BEH 102

Laitinen, Dana  CPR 290

LeGault, Alexandria BEH 102

McAdams, James

BEH 102

McKenzie, Weena CPR 284

Myers, Phoebe

BEH 102

Pinson, Sharon

CPR 301-F

Sardoni, Brianne

BEH 102

Scheffels, Erin

CPR 284

Shoemaker, Laura BEH 102
Simpson, Richard BEH 102

Wholuba, Anita

CPR 279

Adjunct Faculty

Name E-mail Office

Banke, Krysta  N/A

Bennington, Spencer CPR 340

Campbell, Jenna


Conner, John


Day, Tim

CPR 340

Feuerherdt, Stacy CPR 454

Forde-Mazrui, Will CPR 340

Garcia, Edwin CPR 454

Gill, Janie CPR 340

Gilleland, Jesse

CPR 454

Jackson, Georgia


Jones, Melissa


Karunaratne, Renuka

CPR 340

Khawaja, Anastasia


Kinney, Benjamin


Kuliyeva, Lynette

CPR 454

Le Van, Curtis


Malavalli, Deepa

BEH 102

McLeod, Deborah


Nusspickel, Mark

CPR 340

Oswald, Codey CPR 454

Rouisse, Kristen  N/A

Taczak, Kara

CPR 454

Thomas, Melody


Ulrich, Fred


Affiliated Faculty

Name Title Contact

Adams, Charles

Professor, Dean of the Honors College

Gay, Kristen

Associate Director of the Writing Studio

Kicak, Elizabeth

Instructor, Director of Humanities Institute

Plant, Deborah

Associate Professor (Retired)

Emeriti Faculty