Alumni and Thesis Archive

Adam Davidson, "Performing 'Hurt' : Aging, Disability, and Popular Music as Mediated Product and Lived-Experience in Johnny Cash's Final Recordings" (2018)

Morgan Wallace, "Cool Moms & Cool Media" (2018)

Kelley O'Brien, " 'He Didn't Mean It': What Kubrick's The Shining Can Teach Us About Domestic Violence" (2018)

Zhanwen Peng, "Eliminating the Uncertainty of Hong Kong in 1990s: Tsui Hark’s Once Upon a Time in China (1, 2, 3)" (2018)

Kevin McKenna, "The Revival Western and Dead Man" (2018)

Nicholas Orlando, "Failing to Move Forward: Journalism, Media, and Affect in David Fincher's Zodiac" (2018)

Huai-Hsuan Huang, "Distinguishing Patterns of Utopia and Dystopia, East and West" (2017)

Rachel Christine Ekblad, "The Dislocated Spectator's Relationship to Enchanted Objects in Early Film and Modernist Poetry" (2017)

Jonathan Hendricks, "Playing-With the World: Toy Story's Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Play" (2017)

Christopher David Adkins, "Get Ye A Copper Kettle: Appalachia, Moonshine, and a Postcolonial World" (2017)

Lisa Morgan Thieryung, "The Palazzo Medici and its Polyvalent Message: Cosimo de Medici Navigates the Shifting Meaning of Pride" (2017)

Morgan J. Jennings, " 'There's a real hole here': Female Masochism and Spectatorship in Michael Haneke's La Pianiste" (2017)

Brett Michael Phillips, " 'You want it all to happen now!': The Jinx, The Imposter, and Re-enacting the Digital Thriller in True Crime Documentaries" (2017)

Viktoria Tafferner-Gulyas, "Caribbean Traditions in Modern Choreographies: Articulation and Construction of Black Diaspora Identity in L'Ag'Ya by Katherine Dunham" (2014)

Kateryna Chornokurm, "Postcolonial Religion and Motherhood in the Novels by Louise Erdrich and Alice Walker" (2012)

Linda Chaves, "Sexually Explicit Socially Empowered: Sexual Liberation and Feminist Discourse in 1960s Playboy and Cosmopolitan" (2011)