Alumni and Thesis Archive

Christopher Costabile, “The Value of Sleep: Aura and Aesthetics of Cohabitation in Juha Lilja’s Digital Revision of Warhol” (2021)

Richard Dyer, “Threatened by the Outback: Landscape and Ecology in the Australian New Wave” (2021)

Haiyu Wang, “Four Hollywood Adaptations of Little Women: Identifying Female Subjectivity in Characters, Plots, and Authorship” (2021)

Eric Bruce, “Lost Without a Connection: Analyzing Netflix’s Maniac in the Digital Streaming Age” (2020)

Mariana Delgado, “Redefining Representations of Trauma & Modes of Witnessing in Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers” (2020)

Ben Muntananuchat, “Recurring Scream: Trauma in Wes Craven’s Slasher” (2020)

Justin Nguyen, “I’m Going Digital: Potentials for Online Communities through Internet Remix” (2020)

Mykhailo Pylynskyi, “The Concept of Freedom in American Literature at the Dawn of the Nation” (2020)

Chandler Reeder, “How Audiovisual Composition Reveals Gendered Limitations and Possibilities in Lady Bird in the Wake of #MeToo” (2020)

Ashley Steinbach, “Horror’s Aesthetic Exchange: Immersion, Abstraction and Annihilation” (2020)

Joshua Zintel, “Roots of Coded Metaphor in John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica” (2020)

Mary Cook, “Blaxploitation’s Revolutionary Sexuality: Rethinking Images of Male Hypersexuality in Sweetback & Shaft” (2019)

Rachel Cox, “Plasticity in Animated Children’s Cartoons: The Neoliberal Transforming Bodies and Static Worlds of OK KO and Gumball” (2019)

Richard Farrell, “Baltimore Mobility, The Wire, Local Documentary, and the Politics of Distance” (2019)

Aryn Kelly, “Mobilizing Images of Black Pain and Death through Digital Media: Visual Claims to Collective Identity after ‘I Can’t Breathe’” (2019)

Morgan Macey, “Adaptations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Late Medieval France: Material and Moral Recontextualization in the Tapestry of Narcissus at the Fountain” (2019)

Elizabeth Rossbach, “An Ecology of Care: Training in Dependence and Caretaking in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (2019)

Max Seijo, “Anti-Fascist Aesthetics from Weimar to MoMA: Siegfried Kracauer & the Promise of Abstraction for Critical Theory” (2019)

Sarah Conner, “Poetics of Sixteenth-Century Widowhood: Vittoria Colonna’s Use of Gender and Grief as a Means of Social and Spirtual Transcendence” (2018)

Adam Davidson, "Performing 'Hurt' : Aging, Disability, and Popular Music as Mediated Product and Lived-Experience in Johnny Cash's Final Recordings" (2018)

Jennifer Dolan, “The Promised Body: Diet Culture, the Fat Subject, and Ambivalence as Resistance” (2018)

Kevin McKenna, "The Revival Western and Dead Man: Challenging Neoliberal Violences" (2018)

Matthew Morales, “Concerning Virtual Reality and Corporealized Media: Exploring Video Game Aesthetics and Phenomenology” (2018)

Kelley O’Brien, "'He Didn't Mean It': What Kubrick's The Shining Can Teach Us About Domestic Violence" (2018)

Nicholas Orlando, "Failing to Move Forward: Journalism, Media, and Affect in David Fincher's Zodiac" (2018)

Zhanwen Peng, "Eliminating the Uncertainty of Hong Kong in 1990s: Tsui Hark’s Once Upon a Time in China (1, 2, 3)" (2018)

Valerie Simuro, “A Woman’s Place in Jazz in the 21st Century” (2018)

Morgan Wallace, "Cool Moms & Cool Media: Returning to Poltergeist through Stranger Things" (2018)

Rachel Ekblad, "The Dislocated Spectator's Relationship to Enchanted Objects in Early Film and Modernist Poetry" (2017)

Jonathan Hendricks, "Playing-With the World: Toy Story's Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Play” (2017)

Huai-Hsuan Huang, "Distinguishing Patterns of Utopia and Dystopia, East and West" (2017)

Rachel Christine Ekblad, "The Dislocated Spectator's Relationship to Enchanted Objects in Early Film and Modernist Poetry" (2017)

Jonathan Hendricks, "Playing-With the World: Toy Story's Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Play" (2017)

Christopher David Adkins, "Get Ye A Copper Kettle: Appalachia, Moonshine, and a Postcolonial World" (2017)

Lisa Morgan Thieryung, "The Palazzo Medici and its Polyvalent Message: Cosimo de Medici Navigates the Shifting Meaning of Pride" (2017)

Morgan J. Jennings, " 'There's a real hole here': Female Masochism and Spectatorship in Michael Haneke's La Pianiste" (2017)

Brett Michael Phillips, " 'You want it all to happen now!': The Jinx, The Imposter, and Re-enacting the Digital Thriller in True Crime Documentaries" (2017)

Brooks Benadum, “The Apocalypse Narrative and the Internet: Divided Relationships in New Natures” (2016)

Jacob Boccio, “Digital Integration” (2016)

Brandy Kinkade, “A Tourist Performance: Redefining the Tourist Attraction” (2016)

Michel McDowell, “Heavy South: Identity, Performance, and Heavy Music in the Southern Metal Scene” (2016)

Michael Rosen, “The Apatow Aesthetic: Exploring New Temporalities of Human Development in 21st-Century Network Society” (2016)

Eric Ross, “Constructing the West: ‘The Hired Hand’ and ‘McCabe & Mrs. Miller’ and the Challenge of Public Space” (2016)

Max Siyuan, “To Utopianize the Mundane: Sound and Image in Country Musicals” (2016)

Tomaro Taylor, “Longshoremen’s Negotiation of Masculinity and the Middle Class in 1950s Popular Culture” (2016)