Your Organization's Investment in Tampa Bay

Hosting a USF Humanities and Cultural Studies intern is an investment your organization can make in the local economy and job pool. Your support ensures that USF students have real-world experience as well as the academic credentials to succeed in a career. Our program, in turn, stays acquainted with the employment needs of area businesses and organizations, and therefore can model the program around those needs.

Stay at the Top

Students in the Humanities and Cultural Studies Program at USF are acquainted with the latest tools, methods, and theories developed to make agencies more viable and efficient. Interns can leverage their classroom knowledge in the context of your daily business and ensure that your enterprise is up-to-date.

Audition New Talent


Sponsoring an intern is one of the best ways to evaluate potential employees without making a long-term commitment in advance. Our interns generally enter the job market shortly after the internship experience, and welcome job offers from organizations already acquainted with their talents and abilities.

Develop Current Employees

By directing and managing an intern, members of your existing staff have the opportunity to extend supervisory and managerial experience and to refine their own knowledge of specific tasks and procedures.

Revise Business Practices

Documenting and verbalizing day-to-day work for an intern's benefit can lead to the development of new approaches and more efficient solutions to common problems that otherwise might go unexamined. In addition, interns often provide their own fresh perspective on the way your enterprise works.

Examples of HCS Interns’ Work Product

HCS Interns are eager to help your organization and learn what it is like to be an employee in your field. Our interns have worked with sponsors on such tasks as:

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Coordinating Outreach Efforts
  • Designing Marketing Tools
  • Event Planning
  • Counseling
  • Presentation Proposals
  • Teaching
  • Supervising Volunteers

Sponsors – How to Get Started

The first step is to complete and submit the Sponsor Profile available for download from the internship website and included in the appendix of the Internship Guide. The Profile will allow the internship coordinator to better assess the needs of your organization for an intern, and to determine what duties will be expected of the intern. We understand that duties may change depending upon the project; therefore, a general description is appropriate. You are encouraged to inform us of upcoming special events or projects for which you would like to utilize an intern.

The second step is to complete and submit the Sponsor Internship Request also available for download from the internship website and included in the appendix of the Internship Guide. This form can be submitted at the same time as the Sponsor Profile. Completed Sponsor Profile forms are required because they are helpful as we match each intern with a company or organization consistent with the student's professional goals. The more we know about your mission and business practices, as well as the specific tasks the intern will be engaging in during that term, the easier it will be to assign an intern with appropriate background and skills meeting your enterprise needs. If you need to update either the Sponsor Internship Request or the Sponsor Profile at any time, please submit a NEW form rather than revising your previous submission.

You may request more than one intern during any given term. If you have the resources to supervise multiple interns for the same type of tasks, only one Sponsor Internship Request is needed. If you would like to host multiple interns for a variety of tasks, submit one Sponsor Internship Request per task type. If you are uncertain, submit one Sponsor Internship Request indicating the number of interns you would like to host and the internship coordinator will follow-up with you.

By agreeing to host an intern, you accept the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the student with an orientation to the work-site duties, hours, and expectations
  • Schedule regular meetings with the student and provide appropriate feedback regarding the student’s performance
  • Provide a safe, secure, and non-discriminatory workplace
  • Maintain appropriate contact with the internship coordinator and submit evaluations within the time-specified guidelines
  • Provide the student with resources and training necessary to perform the assigned duties
  • Ensure that no more than 20% of the intern’s work will be clerical in nature (ex. filing, answering phones, being a receptionist)
    Hear from our Sponsors


"We are very grateful for the internship program. Thank you for working with us to serve a need in our community." - Marilyn Shamblin "The company has gained an awesome volunteer in the future and developed new marketing strategies which will help the company move forward. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to mentor Brittany during her internship" - Wendy Vazquez Ernest "Because of his superb work, I am excited to offer Billy a job for the spring semester in the Office of Multicultural Affairs!" - Stacy Koshko