Alison Gainsbury

Assistant Professor 


St. Petersburg campus
Office: STG 218
Phone: 7278734833

Email: alisong@usf.edu

Specialty Area Rescent Publications

Ecology & Evolution, Conservation & Disease

Research Key Words: Ecology, Evolution, Conservation Biology, Herpetology, Vertebrate Biodiversity

Alison Gainsbury

The University of Texas at Austin

Herpetology; Principles of Ecology; Quantitative Analytical Methods (graduate course).

These courses are an opportunity to engage students with current research.

I have been fortunate to participate in the most amazing field expeditions across Brazil. My research interests lie in evolutionary ecology and conservation biology, specializing in herpetology.

During my master’s, several field expeditions to Cerrado (savanna) enclaves within the Amazon forest provided a unique opportunity to test spatial and temporal dynamics of long-term natural isolation on lizard community structure and the role of stochastic extinctions.

I was fortunate to continue conducting my research in the Brazilian Cerrado during my doctorate, testing the anthropogenic impacts of introduced Eucalyptus plantations on native Cerrado lizard communities in Central Brazil. During my postdoctoral fellowship, I had a fantastic opportunity to study the global relationship between climate, net primary productivity and lizard dietary niche breadth to elucidate important processes driving biodiversity patterns.

I am interested in collaborating on research implementing novel evolutionary ecology approaches to maximize biodiversity conservation.