Photo Gallery

Sean Doody measures turtle

Dr. Sean Doody (right), Graduate Director and Assistant Professor at the St. Petersburg campus, measures an alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) as part of a research and monitoring effort in North and Central Florida, led by the North American Freshwater Turtle Research Group.

Colubrina glandulosa seeds Panama

Seeds of Colubrina glandulosa, a tropical pioneer tree studied by Assistant Professor (Tampa campus), Paul-Camilo Zalamea in Panama. Dr. Zalamea's research focuses on understanding the interplay between soil, microbes and plants.


Symbiodinium Creative Commons Image taken from Wikimedia CreativeCommons 

Light (left) and confocal (right) microscopic images of Symbiodinium sp., intracellular symbionts studied by the Parkinson Lab at USF Tampa campus. Dr. John Parkinson's lab uses genomic techniques to examine the ecology and evolution of coral-algal symbioses.

Tasmanian devil Creative CommonsImage taken from Wikimedia CreativeCommons 

The Margres Lab focuses on understanding polygenic adaptation and coevolutionary dynamics using a  transmissible cancer in Tasmanian devils (Sarcophilus harrisii) as study system.