Faculty and Staff



Graduate Assistants

Rachel Whitney
Etosha Taylor
Amy Bryant
Ryan Haggard
Mary Falling
Brittany Baum

Student Engagement

Our students are at the center of the iSchool and we encourage our students to engage with faculty, peers, and the community. We have a variety of opportunities for students to become active members of the information science community. Many of our LIS students engage in fieldwork where they are given the opportunity to work in a library or information center for the semester. We also work closely with the USF Office of Career Services to place iSchool students in competitive internships.

Student Organizations 

There are a variety of ways students can become involved with events in their learning communities. LIS students can become members of SOLIS. Find more information on their Facebook page.


There are a variety of ways students, faculty, alumni, and peers can communicate with each other. The primary way the School communicates with LIS students is through CANVAS. The SI also maintains several listservs. If you are interested in joining the Library & Information Science listserv, you can submit a request here to be added.