MA in Library and Information Science


Finding a job before and after you have graduated can be a stressful time. Many factors might impact the availability of positions: e.g., the type of library or information agency you might be hoping to work in; whether you wish to remain local or move to another state; and trends in particular sectors. While you are earning your degree we recommend regular contact with your faculty advisor or other faculty members and professionals (e.g., alumni) familiar with your area interest. Also, it is helpful if you are able to find work in the field through paraprofessional jobs, internships, and even volunteer work. This can build up your resume and make you more marketable. Lastly, remember that your LIS degree is valuable in sectors other than libraries, wherever an information professional is needed, so think creatively when seeking your first professional job.

In addition to looking at the websites that are listed below, also consider searching the website of the specific place you may hope to work (such as a county school system, or university library) since you might catch a job posting earlier than when it might appear on other sites. Here are some links to job websites that will help you with your search:


The School of Information has started using an exciting new tool called Handshake. Handshake allows you to search for jobs on a regional, national and local level. All current USF students and alumni are eligible to use Handshake. For more information please visit the Career Services website

Employers: Please set up an account before you can use the Handshake system. If you need assistance setting up an account or have questions about the handshake system please contact Career Services by submitting a ticket by clicking “Contact Support” in the top right hand corner.

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