MA in Library and Information Science

Graduate Student Handbook

Welcome to the LIS program graduate student handbook. Here you will find much of the information you will need as a student in the Library and Information Science program. Graduate students should consult this handbook periodically since some of the information may change.


Welcome to the University of South Florida School of Information.

University Academics, Policies, & Procedures

In this section you will find many of the policies and procedures that apply to all students enrolled at the University of South Florida.

USF Graduate Student Policies & Procedures

These policies pertain to graduate students enrolled at the University of South Florida.

LIS Program Policies & Procedures

These policies and procedures pertain to graduate students enrolled in the LIS program.

LIS Course Information & Registration

This section pertains to the policies and procedures related to coursework in the LIS program.

Tuition, Fees, & Funding

This section will provide you with information about tuition and fees.

Organizations & Professional Development

This section explains how students can become involved with professionals in the field.

Student Resources