MS in Intelligence Studies

Degree Requirements

There are eight required core courses, which correspond to the program’s five core knowledge areas. Those core areas are analytic strategy, analytic methods, applied informatics, project management, and analytic communication. The eight required courses are three credit hours each.

  • LIS 6700 Information, Strategy, and Decision Making
  • LIS 6107 Professional and Technical Communication for Analysts
  • LIS 6702 Advanced Intelligence Analytic Methods
  • LIS 6703 Core Concepts in Intelligence
  • LIS 6260 Foundations of Information Science & Technology
  • LIS 5802 Information Analytics
  • LIS 5937 Project Management
  • LIS 5937 Advanced Information Retrieval OR Open Source Intelligence

The final two curriculum requirements for the M.S. in Intelligence Studies are offered at three credit hours each:

  • Experiential Learning (Internship or Equivalent)
  • Capstone (or Integrated Portfolio of Competencies)

The eight required courses and two other course-equivalent projects total 9 courses/equivalent. Students not pursuing the Cyber Intelligence concentration may choose their final two electives in consultation with the program advisor.