Information Science

Information Science

The Bachelor of Science in Information Studies (BSIS) program is meant to prepare students for leadership careers in a wide array of environments and contexts related to the emerging knowledge economy.


The BSIS program integrates critical skills in information technology with the solid theoretical and disciplinary foundations of Information Science. Emphasis is given to understanding how people interact with information and technology; the complexities of the information society; information creation, storage, and organization applications and theories; information architecture; and related knowledge and skills needed to design, implement, and

Degree Requirements

Students should consult with the BSIS academic advisor for the program's required courses.


Concentrations will be available in five high-demand job areas. These concentrations align well with articulated strategic University priority areas (particularly health and cybersecurity), the regional economy, economic development goals of the State, and broader workforce needs and opportunities.


The types of knowledge and skills gained through a B.S. in Information Science make this a high-demand career field, and one of the fastest growing. Integrated expertise in analysis, technology, domain knowledge, and leadership will make graduates attractive to government and private sector organizations.