Information Studies



BSIS Core Courses

  • LIS 3261 Introduction to Information Science
  • LIS 3353 IT Concepts for Info Professionals
  • LIS 4414 Information Policy and Ethics
  • ENC 3249 Comm for Info Professionals
  • LIS 4204 Information Behaviors
  • IDS 4934 Info Studies (Senior) Capstone

Information Security

Area of emphasis in cybersecurity and protecting information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. This is offered through an online partnership with USF Sarasota/Manatee.

Concentration Courses for Information Security (18 credit hours)

  • CIS 3360 Principles of Information Security
  • CIS 4204 Ethical Hacking
  • LIS 4482 Networks and Communication
  • CIS 3367 Architecting Operating System Security
  • CIS 4361 Information Technology Security Management
  • CIS 4365 Computer Security Policies and Disaster Preparedness

Data Science

Area of emphasis in deep knowledge discovery through data exploration, analysis, and inference.

Concentration Courses for Data Science (18 credit hours)

  • LIS 4800 Introduction to Data Science
  • LIS 4273 Advanced Statistics and Analytics
  • LIS 4317 Introduction to Visual Analytics
  • LIS 4803 Introduction to Data & Text Mining
  • LIS 4804 R Programming for Data Science
  • LIS 4805 Predictive Analytics

Health Informatics

A brief video from the main informatics organization AMIA provides a description of this concentration.
Area of emphasis in design, development, adoption, and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management, and planning.

Concentration Courses for Health Informatics (18 credit hours)

  • LIS 4785 Introduction to Health Informatics
  • LIS 4776 Health Information Technology
  • LIS 4482 Networks and Communication
  • LIS 4779 Health Information Security
  • LIS 4477 Clinical Decision Support
  • LIS 4930 Management of Health Information Systems

Information Science and Technology

A flexible concentration for students who prefer to survey a wide range of courses.

Concentration Courses for Information Science and Technology

  • LIS 3783 Information Architecture
  • LIS 4482 Networks and Communication
  • LIS 3361 Web Page Design and Management
  • LIS 4365 Web Design Technologies
  • LIS 3352 Interaction Design