Kappa Tau Alpha


Office: PRW 204
Phone: 727-873-4850

Kappa Tau Alpha is a college honor society that recognizes academic excellence and promotes scholarship in journalism and mass communication. Robert W. Dardenne Chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha was founded in 2012. Dr. Robert W. Dardenne was the first faculty adviser of Kappa Tau Alpha’s chapter at the USF St. Petersburg campus. In April 2014, the chapter was named after Dr. Dardenne in honor his distinctive service and contribution to this organization.

Membership must be earned by excellence in academic work at one of the colleges and universities that have chapters. Selection for membership is a mark of highest distinction and honor.

The seventh oldest national honor society, Kappa Tau Alpha was founded at the University of Missouri in 1910 at the world’s first school of journalism. The Society has 95 chapters and has inducted nearly 60,000 outstanding students since its founding in 1910. It is one of 67 members of the Association of College Honor Societies.

The emblem of Kappa Tau Alpha is the key, the oldest symbol of knowledge and communication. The Greek letters mean “The Truth Will Prevail.” The letters also suggest three English words: knowledge, truth and accuracy. The Society’s colors are light blue, significant of truth, and gold, emblematic of worth and high standards.

2022 Inductees, September 16, 2022: 2019 Inductees, May 2, 2019: 2018 Inductees, May 4, 2018:
Kristen Boehm
Lisa Dickert Fourtnoy
Aya F. Diab
Kamryn Elliott
Emily Heise
Thomas Iovino
Gabrielle Jarmoszko
Michelle Lane
Pamela Lynn
Alysia M. Cruz
Sophie Ojdanic
Hope Weil
Tamiracle Williams
Lauren Wood

Amy Diaz
Jenna Jean
Cynthia Swisher

Shannon Herbon
Colin Gustafson
Haley Jordan
Corey Mapp
Madeline Seiberlich
2017 Inductees, May 5, 2017: 2016 Inductees, April 29, 2016: 2015 Inductees, April 24, 2015:
Grace Cunningham
Shawn Fok
Ashley McKnight Taylor
Erin Murphy
Indhira Suero Acosta
Anna Welch
Sara Katherine Ennis
Shannon Gazdacka
Marla Korenich
David Stoner
Antone Silvia (Faculty)
Michael Butler
Karlana June
Ian MacCallum
Gretchen Macchiarella
Jennifer Nesslar
Duncan Rodman
Kailee Witt
2014 Inductees, April 18, 2014: 2013 Inductees, April 26, 2013: 2012 Inductees, December 12, 2012:
Haley Christian
Kim Doleatto
Tyler Killette
Amanda Starling
May Zayan
Dr. Deni Elliott (Faculty)
Phil Ammann (2010)
Danielle Breiter (2010)
Lara Chapman (2013)
Loretha Cleveland (2009)
Camila Cook (2014)
Chris Dorsey (2011)
Kaeli Conforti (2009)
Aaron Dalley (2012)
Natalia Galbetti (2011)
Jamey Handorf (2013)
Thomas Harlan (2005)
Pam Hogle (2009)
Nicole Holup (2013)
Heath Hooper (2006)
Janet Keeler (2011)
Rick Kenney (1995)
Jeffrey Neely (2006)
Brittany Padley (2012)
Casey Peterson (2012)
Lily Reisman (2010)
Lorene Roberson (2005)
Malory Speir (2012)
Tiffany Tidd (2013)
Lottie Mae Watts (2011)
Wendy Biddlecombe (2012)
Alicia Gangi (2013)
Chris Guinn (2012)
Chris Ingram (2013)
Eric Johnson (2012)
Ren LaForme (2013)
Samatha Merservey (2013)
Dianne Moore (2012)
Renee Underhill (2012)