The Department of Mathematics & Statistics faculty directory and biographies are in the sections below.

Tampa Campus

Permanent Faculty

Name Email Phone Office

Bénéteau, Catherine
Professor 813-974-9717 CMC 368

Biasse, Jean-François
Assistant Professor 813-974-9601 CMC 358

Bieske, Amber
Associate Instructor 813-974-1481 CMC 331

Bieske, Thomas
Professor 813-974-2655 CMC 357

Burgos, Fernando
Professor of Instruction 813-974-1269 CMC 363

Chitikov, Igor
Associate Professor of Instruction 813-974-9554 CMC 334

Connelly, Robert
Assistant Instructor N/A CMC 368A

Curtin, Brian
Associate Professor 813-974-4929 CMC 318

Danielyan, Arthur
Associate Professor 813-974-9545 CMC 364

Elhamdadi, Mohamed
Associate Professor 813-974-9561 CMC 321

Grinshpan, Arcadii
Scholar/Scientist/Engineer 813-974-9751 CMC 131A

Grupcev, Vladimir
Assistant Professor of Instruction 813-974-1613 CMC 307

Hernandez Viera, Marian
Assistant Professor of Instruction 813-974-3141 CMC 113

Hou, Xiang-dong
Professor 813-974-2561 CMC 355

Jonoska, Nataša
Distinguished University Professor 813-974-9566 CMC 305

Khavinson, Dmitry
Distinguished University Professor 813-974-9568 CMC 368C

Kouchekian, Sherwin
Associate Professor 813-974-3795 CMC 368B

Krajcevski, Milé
Associate Professor 813-974-5440 CMC 309

Ladde, Gangaram
Professor 813-974-2664 CMC 327

Lappano, Stephen
Assistant Professor of Instruction 813-974-4571 CMC 112

Lee, Seung-Yeop
Associate Professor 813-974-6695 CMC 320

Lu, Lu
Associate Professor 813-974-1649 CMC 301C

Ma, Wen-Xiu
Professor 813-974-9563 CMC 304

McColm, Gregory
Associate Professor 813-974-9550 CMC 338

Micheli, Giacomo
Assistant Professor 813-974-8967 CMC 322

Molla, Theodore
Assistant Professor 813-974-9551 CMC 326A

Nagle, Brendan
Professor 813-974-9724 CMC 360

Rakhmanov, Evguenii
Professor 813-974-9553 CMC 311

Ramachandran, Kandethody
Professor 813-974-1270 CMC 317

Rosenfeld, Joel
Assistant Professor 813-974-7452 CMC 326

Rothstein, Ivan
Associate Professor of Instruction 813-974-9179 CMC 306

Saito, Masahico
Professor 813-974-9537 CMC 312

Savchuk, Dmytro
Associate Professor 813-974-4989 CMC 310

Shekhtman, Boris
Professor 813-974-9710 CMC 328A

Skrzypek, Leslaw
Associate Professor 813-974-1268 CMC 345

Teodorescu, Iuliana
Research Assistant Professor 813-974-9559 CMC 319

Teodorescu, Razvan
Associate Professor 813-974-3152 CMC 314

Tsokos, Christos
Distinguished University Professor 813-974-9734 CMC 366

Xiong, Kaiqi
Professor 813-974-4286 CMC 308

Visiting Faculty

Name Email Phone Office
Augat, Meric N/A CMC 112
Avazpour, Ladan N/A CMC 328B
Cannon, Megan N/A CMC 330
Dey, Priyadarshi N/A CMC 113
Fajardo Gomez, Lina N/A CMC 328B
Forrest, Zachary  N/A CMC 368A
Ivanova, Mariya  N/A CMC 330
Mudunuru, Venkateswara N/A CMC 117
Sanders, Houston N/A CMC 117
Theado, John  N/A CMC 368A
Savchuk, Olga  N/A CMC 310
Vourtsanis, Yiannis  N/A CMC 110

Adjunct Faculty

Postdoctoral Scholars

Name Email Phone Office
Kölsch, Lukas N/A CMC 028
Martinez Figueroa, Francisco N/A CMC 131C
Pallozzi Lavorante, Vincenzo N/A CMC 028
Perry, Sean N/A CMC 028


Permanent Faculty

Name Email Phone Office
Abaquita, Edwin V.
Instructor 727-873-4157 N/A

Dizona, Jill
Assistant Professor of Instruction  N/A N/A
Hoare, Armando
Associate Professor of Instruction 727-873-4737 N/A
Janssens, Radford
Instructor 727-873-4156 N/A
Leite, Maria C.
Associate Professor 727-873-4156 N/A
Pendharkar, Hemant
Professor 727-873-4156 N/A
Swartout, Jennifer
Instructor 727-873-4520 N/A


Permanent Faculty

Name Email Phone Office
D'Andrea, Joy
Associate Professor of Instruction 941-359-4241 SMC B307
LaForge, Garret
Instructor 941-359-4246 SMC B326
Warner, Richard
Associate Instructor 941-359-4617 SMD 117