REU Program


The main activity of our REU is the individual research projects that will be pursued by the REU students in individual research labs under guidance of one of our faculty mentors.

Professional development program

The REU research experiences will be enriched by a special professional development program which includes:

  • extensive research training in experimental and computational techniques during the first week of the program
  • weekly REU-wide seminar programs
  • a weekly lecture series “Advances in Applied Physics” and lab tours given by participating REU faculty
  • workshops in scientific ethics and on written and oral communication
  • workshops on preparing for graduate school
  • the REU symposium at the end of the program

REU research symposium

REU symposium at the end of the program is one of the important events that will allow students to demonstrate their research achievements, and show their mastery of oral and written skills. The faculty advisors will assist their students in preparing oral presentation. 

Social and cultural program

The social and cultural program will be coordinated by the USF Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), which organizes the social interactions among all the REU programs across the USF. The USF OUR will organize picnics and barbeques in which the REU faculty and graduate mentors will participate. In addition, the Physics REU will have separate opening and closing barbeque parties at the USF Riverfront Park. We also plan visits of the REU students and their mentors to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Tampa Museum of Arts, and the field trip to NASA Kennedy Space Center.