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Psychology Student Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The Diversity Committee of the USF Department of Psychology is devoted to cultivating a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable academic environment in our community. We seek to provide a collaborative space for students and faculty to enhance diversity representation in our department’s research, teaching, and mentorship. We are committed to upholding our values of safety, wellbeing, and success for all members of our community.


The Diversity Committee of the USF Department of Psychology has three main aims:

  1. Facilitate growth in diversity efforts for students, faculty, and staff through colloquiums, workshops, and trainings;
  2. Increase diversity visibility in department events, research, teaching, mentorship, and recruitment;
  3. Cultivate an inclusive and collaborative departmental environment that supports students and faculty of diverse backgrounds.


Recruitment, Outreach, & Mentorship Subcommittee

Mission Statement: The Recruitment, Outreach, and Mentorship subcommittee seeks to identify, recruit, and retain scholars from diverse backgrounds in the Diversity Committee and the USF Psychology program. We work to increase awareness of the Diversity Committee’s efforts around campus and the ongoing diversity-related research within our program. Additionally, we aim to empower students from diverse backgrounds to realize their potential at USF and beyond.  We do this by providing culturally-competent guidance for mentors and mentees to ensure that students feel supported by mentors who they trust and can benefit from.

Diversity in Research Subcommittee

Mission Statement: The Diversity in Research Subcommittee seeks to promote, highlight, and increase awareness of diversity-related psychological research at the University of South Florida.

Clinical Training Diversity Subcommittee

Mission Statement: The Clinical Training Diversity Subcommittee seeks to build awareness, knowledge, and clinical skills related to cultural competence and exposure to the needs of diverse populations.


USF Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity

If you are interested in joining, collaborating with, or reaching out to the Psychology Diversity Committee, please email psychdiversity@usf.edu.

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