Graduate Admissions


Dear Potential Applicant,

Thanks for your interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Psychology at USF. Here you will find general information describing the department, the nature of our programs, the requirements, and application procedures.

As a way to convey to you our philosophy, we present our department's mission statement:

The Department of Psychology is a Community of Scholars dedicated to the creation and
dissemination of knowledge. The department is committed to furthering our understanding of the mind and behavior by the methods of science, as well as to the development of applications of the science of psychology to better the human condition and that of individual persons. In keeping with the mission of the University of South Florida, the department is committed to helping its students to acquire knowledge of psychological theories, research findings and the methods used by both basic and applied psychologists. The department sees as its mission serving the general student body, its majors and its graduate students by providing these students with an understanding of the importance of the scientific approach in addressing issues of human behavior. The department also sees as its mission the training of graduate students as independent scholars who will dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge, even as they are using their training as scientist-practitioners or as clinical scientists to contribute substantially to the solution of pressing human problems. We see it as an important part of our mission to assure that our students internalize the cannons of ethics of the discipline and profession, of Psychology. The Department of Psychology values and promotes diversity of its members and students.

The Department of Psychology is a multi-campus academic unit, with faculty on all three
campuses of the University of South Florida. The Department recognizes the principles of equity of assignment, resources and opportunities of faculty across a multi-campus university.

We see graduate training as essentially an apprenticeship process in which our students are colleagues in training as they affiliate with one or more of the broad spectrum of research programs of the faculty. If you are driven by intellectual curiosity and by a fascination with the elucidation of the human mind by the methods of science, we would be very pleased to consider your application.

You will note that we currently admit students in one of three concentrations (Clinical Science, Industrial/Organizational, and Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social). The programs are full-time, combined M.A./Ph.D. programs (not a terminal masters programs; you may not enter the program with the intention of obtaining only a Master’s degree ). Please take a moment to review our Graduate and Admissions Requirements that provide information about our programs as well as the admissions process.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Laura Pierce. Again, thank you for your interest.


Toru Shimizu, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Psychology