Cass Fisher

Cass Fisher

Associate Professor


Office: CPR 468C
Phone: 813.974.0445

Curriculum Vitae


Cass Fisher is an Associate Professor in Religious Studies.  He received his Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from The Divinity School, University of Chicago in 2005.  Dr. Fisher’s first book, Contemplative Nation: A Philosophical Account of Jewish Theological Language (Stanford 2012), presents a new model for understanding Jewish theology that emphasizes the multiple forms and functions of Jewish theological language and draws a tighter connection between theological reflection and religious practice.  Dr. Fisher’s research focuses on rabbinic theology and modern Jewish thought to which he brings resources from both continental and analytic philosophy.  His articles have appeared in the Journal of Religion and Modern Judaism and he has contributed essays to several edited collections.  He is currently working on a second book titled, As if it could be said: Realism, Reference, and the Limits of Jewish Theological Language. Two sections of the book are forthcoming as journal articles. “The Posthumous Conversion of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Future of Jewish (anti-)Theology” will appear in AJS Review in Fall 2015. “Absolute Factuality, Common Sense, and Theological Reference in the Thought of Franz Rosenzweig” will appear in Harvard Theological Review in 2016. 

Inspired by the passion for study in classical Jewish texts and the dialogical nature of modern Jewish thought, Dr. Fisher is also deeply interested in matters of pedagogy. He was a participant in the Wabash Center’s Workshop for Pre-Tenure College and University Religion Faculty (2007-2008) and the American Academy for Jewish Research’s Workshop for Early Career Faculty in Jewish Studies (2011).

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