Garrett Potts

Garrett Potts

Visiting Instructor


Office: CPR
Phone: 813.974.2221

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Garrett Potts is a Visiting Instructor of Religious Studies at USF. His work focuses on religio-cultural competence, particularly in the areas of Health, Business, & Religion. To date, his research examines virtuous leadership and the importance of empathy and active listening while striving to respectfully engage with others' religious and cultural backgrounds. Dr. Potts teaches multiple undergraduate courses around these topics, but primarily he teaches at the intersection of Religion and Healthcare. Dr. Potts earned his degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from The University of South Florida. While earning his degree, he obtained support from the John Templeton Foundation and Yale University's Center for Faith & Culture to explore further the relationship between human flourishing and community. He remains engaged with thinkers from these communities and others, such as the International Society of MacIntyrean Inquiry and the Society for Business Ethics, to further foster pluralist discussions across traditional divides on the subjects of community, the common good, and human flourishing. Additionally, Dr. Potts has published scholarship on servant leadership and on the idea of pursuing work as a calling.