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Arman Mahmoudian is a Ph.D. student in the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies and also a Graduate Assistant in USF World Strategic and Diplomatic Studies. Arman earned his Master’s degree in International Relations and Global Security from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Moscow). During his Master studies he collaborated with Russian Media and think tanks on the Middle East. Arman was a researcher in IRAS (IRANIAN and RUSSIAN Studies), and worked on some issues like “Russia’s Role in the Middle East” or the “Consequences of Rise of Terrorism in the Middle East.”

Arman earned his bachelor degree in Law from Islamic Azad University of Tehran. As a bachelor student, he wrote for Iranian reformist newspapers like “Shargh” and “Etemad” and as a freelance journalist wrote for “Kurdpress”, “Iran Diplomacy”, “Hemayat” and others.

His Master’s dissertation was on the “Ethnic-religious Conflict in Iraq and Syria and its Impact on the Stability of the Middle East.”

Arman is fluent in English, Russian and Persian.


Middle East, Kurdish issue of the Middle East, Sunnis-Shiites conflict in the Middle East, terrorism, and Russia’s Role in the Middle East


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