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Dragana Mrvos


Office: SOC 012


During my Ph.D. at the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, I have taught several introductory and upper-level courses, including Introduction to Comparative Politics, Introduction to International Relations, and Politics of Developing Areas.

Besides a diverse teaching portfolio, I currently concentrate on researching the new ways of organization and profit-making under the gig economy platforms and its implications on collective labor mobilization and organizing. In my dissertation, I look primarily at ride-hailing platforms to examine how drivers' exploitation differs from traditional taxi service and how implications of exploitation spread beyond the economy, leading to more alienation that informs mobilization potential amongst drivers. Based on the methodology that combines ethnography, semi-structured interviews, and document analyses the empirical evidence implies that ride-hailing drivers become more exploited compared with taxi drivers. Furthermore, increasing normlessness and powerlessness, integral aspects of alienation, escalate grievances and approach oriented emotions heir to successful labor mobilization, while isolation, also a fundamental component of alienation represents the main obstacle in this process. Isolation thwarts the identity element of aggravated resistance disabling outgrowth from loosely defined autonomous struggles into the more sustainable social movements. The analyses confirm the profoundly political nature of exploitation and alienation and more challenging prospects of sustained labor organization compared with the earlier times.


2015 - 2020   Ph.D. Government (in progress), University of South Florida
2010 - 2012       MS in International Politics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
2009 - 2010       Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University, USA
2006 – 2009      Bachelor in International Relations, University of Belgrade, Serbia