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Mark Grzegorzewski




Dr. Mark Grzegorzewski is an assistant professor of cybersecurity at Embry Riddle University in the Security Studies and International Affairs Department. He is also a non-Resident Army Cyber Institute Fellow and is affiliated with the Irregular Warfare Center and the National Intelligence University. His recent publications include: "Cybersecurity and Strategic Deterrence: Changing Adversary’s Risk Versus Reward Calculations,” “In Search of Security: Understanding the Motives Behind Iran’s Cyber-Enabled Influence Campaigns,” “Why the United States Must Win the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Race,” "Technology Adoption in Unconventional Warfare,” and “Incorporating the Cyberspace Domain: How Russia And China Exploit Asymmetric Advantages in Great Power Competition.” Dr. Grzegorzewski worked for over 10 years in the Department of Defense, 7 of those years at U.S. Special Operations Command. He holds a Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. in Political Science/Government from USF, along with a graduate certificate in Globalization Studies. 

Area of Research

International Relations, cyberspace operations, and Artificial Intelligence