Tatsiana Kulakevich Picture

Tatsiana Kulakevich

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Home Campus: Tampa
Office: SOC 359

Office Hours: By appointment


Dr. Tatsiana Kulakevich is a researcher on Eastern Europe born and raised in Belarus. She is a permanent instructor in Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis at the University of South Florida's School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies and a research fellow and affiliated faculty at the USF Institute on Russia. Her research focuses on international political economy, migration, and protest politics. Dr. Kulakevich’s analyses appeared in media and academic journals, including The Washington Post, The Conversation, The Globe Post, The New Eastern Europe, International Migration, SAIS Review, Journal of Belarusian Studies, and East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures. She received M.A. (International Relations) from New York University and Ph.D. (Political Science) from Rutgers University.