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Minor in Africana Studies

The minor in Africana Studies (AFA) consists of 18 credits. These credits are divided into 9 credits of required core courses and 9 credits of AFA electives.

Additional Information about the Minor in Africana Studies

AFA Required Core Courses (9 credits):

  • AFA 2000 Introduction to the Black Experience in Africa and its Diaspora
  • AFH 3100 African History to 1850 (typically only offered in the fall semester)
  • AFH 3200 African History Since 1850 (typically only offered in the spring semester)
  • AMH 3571 African American History to 1865 (typically only offered in the fall semester)
  • AMH 3572 African American History Since 1865 (typically only offered in the spring semester)

Africana Studies Approved Electives (9 credit hours):

  • AFA 4150 Africa and the United States
  • AFA 4335 Black Women in America
  • AFA 4350 Afro Diaspora Literature and Political Movement
  • AFA 4400 The Middle Passage
  • AFA 4500 Slavery in the Americas and Caribbean
  • AFA 4900 Directed Reading
  • AFA 4931 Selected Topics in Africana Studies
  • AFS 2250 Culture and Society of Africa
  • AML 3604 African American Literature
  • AML 4624 Black Women Writers
  • AMS 3700 Racism in American Society
  • ANT 4340 The Caribbean
  • CPO 4204 Government and Politics of Africa
  • INR 4254 Africa in World Affairs
  • LAS 4023 African Diaspora in Latin American and the Caribbean
  • PHI 4073 African Philosophy
  • PHM 4120 Major Black Thinkers
  • PUP 3313 Blacks in American Political Process
  • SPC 3710 Communication and Diversity
  • URS 3002 Introduction to Urban Studies

Occasionally, other departments/disciplines may offer new courses that are not on this list, but are relevant to this minor and could count for credit as AFA electives. When the AFA department is aware of such new courses, students will be notified of new courses that can count towards the AFA electives. Students may also submit syllabi from courses offered by other disciplines that are not on this list to the AFA Academic Advisor, Pamela Anderson, for review to see if the course may count as an AFA elective. This should be done prior to taking the course.

Minor in International Studies

The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies offers a minor in International Studies. A total of 18 hours is required for completion of the minor.

Additional Information about the Minor in International Studies


The minor in International Studies is a set of International Studies courses taken by a student that approximates one half of the upper level credits required for a major. The minor consists of 18 credit hours made up of six courses as follows:


  • INR 3011 Globalization
  • INR 4083 Conflict in the World
  • INR 3038 International Wealth and Power -OR- CPO 4034 Politics of the Developing Areas
  • INR 3202 International Human Rights -OR- INR 4502 International Organizations


Two (2) upper-level courses (6 credit hours) chosen from the International Global Studies Program’s offerings such as: (INT AFA, INT ASN, INT EUS, INT LAS, INT INR). 

**INR 1015 World Perspective, INR 2002 Intro to International Relations, CPO 2002 Intro to Comparative Politics, and INR 4943 INTERNSHIP hours DO NOT COUNT for the INT Minor.

In order to receive International Studies minor recognition, the student will need to list the minor upon completion on the graduation application.

Minor in Political Science

The minor in Political Science is an academic program consisting of 18 hours. The minor is available to students of any major and will introduce students to the process of political inquiry and political institutions at the international, federal, state, and local levels.

Students using transfer credit hours toward a minor in Political Science must complete 12 credit hours from USF Tampa to meet residency requirements.

Additional Information about the Minor in Political Science

Core Requirements: 6 hours

Choose two from the following:

  • POS 2041 American National Government
  • POT 3003 Introduction to Political Theory
  • CPO 2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • INR 2002 Introduction to International Relations

Electives: 12 hours

Select from any Political Science courses approved as POL major electives, except the following:

  • POS 4905 - Independent Study
  • POS 4910 - Individual Research
  • POS 4941 - Field Work

(Students should discuss with a POL Advisor if internships and study abroad credits can be applied to their POL minor.  The Washington Center, Legislative Internship Program, and Tallahassee Internship Program credits can be approved for usage in the minor.)

***Students should complete POT 3003, prior to completing any other POT (Political Theory) courses***

***Students should complete POS 2041, prior to completing any 3000/4000 level POS (American National and State Government) courses***

***Students should complete INR 2002 or INR 3011, prior to completing other 3000/4000 level INR (International
Relations) courses

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