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The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies offers three academic minors that can complement a student's bachelor's degree.  For a listing of the requirements needed to obtain a minor, students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog. Students should adhere to the requirements within the undergraduate catalog under which they were admitted.

The three academic minors are:

  • Minor in Africana Studies

    Additional information on this minor
    Other departments may offer new courses that are not included in the catalog, but are relevant to this minor and could count for credit as AFA electives. When the AFA department is aware of such new courses, students will be notified of new courses that can count towards the AFA electives. Students may also submit syllabi from courses offered by other disciplines that are not on the list to the AFA Academic Advisor, Pamela Anderson, for review to see if the course may count as an AFA elective. This should be done prior to taking the course.

  • Minor in International Studies

    Additional information on this minor
    INR 1015 World Perspective, INR 2002 Intro to International Relations, CPO 2002 Intro to Comparative Politics, and INR 4943 INTERNSHIP hours DO NOT COUNT for the INT Minor.

    In order to receive International Studies minor recognition, the student will need to list the minor upon completion on the graduation application.
  • Minor in Political Science

    Additional information on this minor
    Students using transfer credit hours toward a minor in Political Science must complete 12 credit hours from USF to meet residency requirements.

    Students should discuss with a POL Advisor if internships and study abroad credits can be applied to their POL minor.  The Washington Center, Legislative Internship Program, and Tallahassee Internship Program credits can be approved for usage in the minor.

    Students should complete POT 3003, prior to completing any other POT (Political Theory) courses

    Students should complete POS 2041, prior to completing any 3000/4000 level POS (American National and State Government) courses

    Students should complete INR 2002 or INR 3011, prior to completing other 3000/4000 level INR (International Relations) courses

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