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The Certificate is a short-term program for students who are interested in taking a series of courses in a selected areas, in this case Latin America and the Caribbean studies. The Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is designed for the student who wants to learn more about the region and have that knowledge formally recognized in his or her academic record.

Additional Information about the Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The certificate requires a minimum of 15 semester hours of courses about Latin America and the Caribbean.

Core Courses - 3 HOURS
Core Seminar LAS 3002 Latin America (3 credit hours)

Elective Courses - 12 HOURS
Students should choose four courses (12 credit hours) from the following list of subjects:

  1. Anthropology
    • ANT 4165 South American Archaeology
    • ANT 4316 Ethnic Diversity in the United States
    • ANT 4323 Mexico and Central America
    • ANT 4340 The Caribbean
    • ANT 4472 Work and Migration in the Americas
  2. Geography/Government & International Affairs 
    • CPO 4034 Politics of the Developing Areas
    • CPO 4930 Comparative Government and Politics of Select Areas (when selected area is Latin America)*
    • GEA 3405 Geography of Latin America
  3. History 
    • LAH 2733 Latin American History in Film
    • LAH 3430 History of Mexico
    • LAH 3470 History of the Caribbean
    • LAH 3480 History of Cuba
    • LAH 3743 Spanish America in the Age of Revolution
    • LAS 4023 African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • LAS 4934 Selected Topics: Latin American Studies
    • LAS 4940 Internship in Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Art/Humanities/Literature 
    • AML 3630 U.S. Latino/Latina Literature in English
    • HUM 2466 Modern Latin American Cultures
    • HUM 3463 Latin American Civilization I: Pre-Columbian and Colonial
    • HUM 4462 Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin American Culture
    • HUM 4464 Modern Latin American Culture
    • SPN 3520 Spanish-American Civilization
    • SPT 3100 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature
    • SPW 3030 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
    • SPW 4130 Survey of Spanish-American Literature I
    • SPW 4131 Survey of Spanish-American Literature II
  5. Others 
    • AFA 4500 Slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean
    • REL 3375 Issues in Caribbean Religions
    • SOW 4522 Multicultural America in a Global Society
    • SSE 4380 Global and Multicultural Perspectives in Education
    • SYD 4238 Immigrants to America
    • SYG 3235 Latina/Latino Lives
    • SYO 4204 Religion and Immigration
    • WST 4262 Literature by Women of Color in the Diaspora 

**Additional courses may be approved if they have significant Latin American and/or Caribbean content. 

Study abroad programs are encouraged and will be credited toward the Certificate. Up to 6 study abroad credits earned in residence in Latin America and/or the Caribbean will count for the certificate.

Foreign Language Requirement
Two semesters of course work in a relevant language such as: Spanish, Portuguese, French, or an Amerindian language such Quechua, Haitian Creole, etc

Students interested in pursuing the certificate must fill out the Application Questionnaire and return it to the certificate program coordinator. 

When the student has completed the above requirements, the certificate coordinator will recommend the student for the Certificate, which will be awarded upon the successful completion of all degree requirements for the major.

The program is open to all majors in all colleges.


Marisa Laccone, Academic Program Specialist

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