Undergraduate Programs


The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies has three undergraduate programs. Each program offers subject matter knowledge and teaches communication proficiency and critical thinking skills. These majors prepare students for rewarding careers in government and politics, military service, international affairs, nonprofits, education, and the private sector.

B.A. in Africana Studies

USF’s Department of Africana Studies is a transdisciplinary academic unit offering undergraduate courses on Africa and people of African descent in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our commitment to studying Africa and the global Black Diaspora allows us to lead in providing instruction on the foundations of Africana Studies in Florida and participates in shaping the themes and topics defining our field in the US and the world.

B.A. in International Studies

International Studies provides students with knowledge and skills that will help them navigate a globalized world. The curriculum covers general topics (such as conflict, globalization, terrorism, human rights) and area or country studies (the Middle East, Russia, China, Japan, Latin America). With a focus on world affairs and a special emphasis on philosophy, economics, and culture, students can land jobs in the public and private sector.

B.A. in Political Science

The Political Science major focuses on the philosophy and institutions of government, and the behavioral elements of politics. It puts an emphasis on American political institutions, state and local government, political behavior, elections, constitutional law, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory.

Pre-Law Track

The Pre-Law Track at USF is geared to all students who plan to attend law school. This track is not a major or minor but is intended to provide students with recommended law related courses that go alongside their major coursework of study. As a result, students are encouraged to choose a major that interests them, and focuses on developing their research and writing skills.

Undergraduate Advising

The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies advisors are thoroughly knowledgeable in their field of studies and are dedicated to assisting undergraduate students with planning their academic goals. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisors throughout their educational degree up until graduation day. The best ways to communicate with advisors is via appointments or email.