Master's in Political Science


SIGS Political Science Image provided by Codi BabbPhoto courtesy of Codi Babb

The master of arts in political science at the University of South Florida offers students the opportunity to research and analyze politics on a range of local, national, and global issues and topics. With its rigorous focus on theory and methods, it enables students to gain sophisticated theoretical and methodological knowledge of the political science field and to specialize in areas such as the changing dynamics of global and state institutions, the legitimacy of international organizations, the politics of human rights, social and political movements, and the international political economy. Through its well-balanced curriculum, students learn to apply theoretical concepts, ideas, and policies to bridge the various gaps between theory and practice. A cutting-edge understanding of politics is thus an essential ingredient for success in both the public and private sectors. The master's in political science provides the research, analytical and theoretical tools to prepare students for positions in government, business, and education, and to undertake doctoral studies in political science and international relations.