MA in Political Science

Program Requirements

Common Core Courses - 12 credit hours
POS 6735 Foundations of Political Inquiry (3)

Disciplinary Seminar Requirements
Select two:
POS 6045 Seminar in American Government (3)
POT 6007 Seminar in Political Theory (3)
INR 6007 Seminar in International Relations (3)
CPO 6091 Seminar in Comparative Politics (3)

Required Research Methods
Select one:
POS 6746 Quantitative Analysis I (3)
POS 6707 Qualitative Analysis (3)

Students may either choose a Major Field of study or the concentration in Africana Studies

Major field - 9 credit hours
In addition to the core course in major area, three additional courses in the core area are chosen from American Government, Political Theory, International Relations, or Comparative Politics.

Concentration in Africana Studies - 9 credit hours
AFA 6932 Topics in Africana Studies (3)
AFA 6120 Social Theory and Social Thought (3)
AFA 6108 Social Construction of Race and Racism (3)

Electives - 9 credit hours minimum
Elective options are listed in the USF Graduate Catalog and should be approved by the Graduate Director.

Thesis/Non Thesis Option - 6 hours minimum

Total: 36 credit hours