Master's in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Africana Studies

Financial Assistance

The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies offers masters-level graduate assistantships each academic year. The number of assistantships vary each year. An assistantship includes a salary (paid biweekly) based on the required hours per week. Graduate assistants who fulfill all requirements are eligible for a tuition waiver on approved coursework as well as USF GA Health Insurance, but are responsible for student fees assessed to their account. Assistantships are competitive and are only awarded to those who apply. Students interested in an assistantship should complete the Graduate Assistantship Application.

*Information on the assistantship can be found in the graduate catalog and more information ca be found on the Graduate Assistantships Resource Center website.

PLEASE NOTE: International students whose native language is not English and who want to be considered for a graduate assistantship must show proficiency in spoken English even if their TOEFL has been waived for admission to a graduate program. More information on the TOEFL requirement can be found under Admission Requirements in the graduate catalog.