Doctoral Degree in Politics and International Affairs

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The following students are currently applying for academic positions:

Candidate Name Field of Study Dissertation Title

Sajjad Hussain
(Candidate Website)

International Relations Contentious Politics during Authoritarianism: Pakistani Lawyers' Movement 2007

Nazek Jawad
(Candidate Website)

International Relations Restoring International Justice: Exposing the Limitations of Retributive Justice and Proposing a Restorative Dimension

Benjamin Luongo
(Candidate Website)

International Relations Human Rights, Emotion, and Critical Realism: Proposing an Emotional Ontology of International Human Rights

Dragana Mrvos
(Candidate Website)

Comparative Politics Proliferation of Gig Platforms and Its Impacts on Labor in a Study of Uber
and CarGo

Camara Silver
(Candidate Website)

International Relations Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy: The 1994 Clinton Administration Response to the Crises in Rwanda and Haiti