Research & Community Engagement

USF Urban Food Sovereignty Group

Founded in 2019 in USF's Department of Religious Studies, this group aims to support, encourage, and advance interdisciplinary research and action on urban food sovereignty: the right of persons in urban ecosystems to define their own food and agriculture policies and practices, and to produce healthy and culturally appropriate food through their own means using ecologically sound and sustainable methods, independent of industrial food systems.


The relationship of urban food systems to individuals, communities, and culture is being explored in a variety of ways and from many academic and professional perspectives, chiefly in the social sciences, public policy, and health studies. Without discounting these approaches, USF's Urban Food Sovereignty Group (UFSG) engages food studies from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing from across the sciences and humanities.

Research & Community Engagement

Through its research and community engagement, UFSG engages concerns related to hunger, poverty, localism, agrarianism, the hegemony of industrial food systems, power relations in contemporary food policy, and social justice. Recognizing that food and food systems are created and maintained in a cultural context, UFSG strives to raise cultural awareness through its engagement with the public in partnership with the following agencies:

Food Sovereignty Initiatives at USF

Members of the Urban Food Sovereignty Group have been active in raising the awareness of the community and the university on issues of food sovereignty, as seen in the following initiatives:

2020 Urban Food Sovereignty Summit

USF will again host a summit this fall. Because of COVID, it will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. Follow the links below for details of the event and how to register.

2019 Urban Food Sovereignty Summit

On October 22, 2019, the Urban Food Sovereignty Group hosted its first ever Tampa Bay Urban Food Sovereignty Summit, which brought together various university and community groups engaged in food sovereignty for the purpose of showcasing their work and raising awareness of food sovereignty among students and community members.

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