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Frederic Leveziel

Advisor for Spanish and Associate Professor of Spanish and French 

Email: fleveziel@usf.edu

Campus: USF St. Petersburg 

Dr. Frederic Leveziel is a polyglot who works at the intersection of historical scholarship and film studies. Originally from France, Dr. Leveziel studied and lived in Spain for many years and is fluent in French, Spanish and English. He has also studied German, Portuguese and Italian. As an interdisciplinary scholar, his research focuses on the point where the historical reading of film and the cinematographic reading of history meet.

Conducting research on Spanish and French film studies, Dr. Leveziel’s publications have appeared in “Phoenix Magazine;” “La Gaceta;” “The French Review;” “French Cinema and the First World War;” “Recueil des Commémorations nationales;” “Revue historique des armées;” “Lingua Romana” and BrownWalker Press, among others. 

During the summers of 2017 and 2018, Dr. Leveziel was a visiting scholar at the Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media at the University of California Los Angeles. There, he conducted archival research on the Jean Renoir Papers (1915-1927) in the Performing Arts Special Collections of the Charles E. Young Research Library. He is currently writing a monograph that is based on this archival research in order to place Renoir’s cinema in a larger socio-historical context. The subject is the relationship between the modes of film production and the reception of Jean Renoir's works.

Dr. Leveziel teaches a broad range of interdisciplinary courses, including Spanish and French literature, language and culture. He is the advisor for the Spanish Club at USF’s St. Petersburg campus.